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Holliston Wins Again

by Eric Niermeyer

Holliston ended the 2016 America in Bloom symposium on a high note, winning yet another Population Category Award.  This is the third time Holliston has won in the last four years, which propels us into the elite Circle of Champions, a category reserved for serial award winners.

This year marked America in Bloom’s 15th annual symposium and was hosted by Arroyo Grande in central California.  The symposium concluded Saturday night with a banquet and awards ceremony attended by approximately 200 people from dozens of towns representing more than 20 states.

Before the symposium began, all participating towns were divided into brackets based on their populations.  The smallest participating town is Washtunca, Washington, clocking in at about 200 people.  The largest is Lexington, Kentucky, which has over 300,000 people.  Holliston landed in the 14,000 – 20,000 bracket.

All participating communities competed with the other towns in their bracket for a Population Category Award.  In the months leading up to the symposium, America in Bloom judges were sent to Holliston and all other towns to evaluate the work done by their local beautification groups.

Holliston won Population Category Awards in both 2013 and 2015 and was given the highest possible overall rating of five ‘blooms’ on the opening night of the symposium.  This year’s win places us among the most successful communities in the country.

The other major trophy awarded Saturday was the Community Champion Award.  Each year, all participating communities have the option to submit somebody from their community as a nominee for the award, which celebrates those who do extraordinary things to make their communities more livable.

This year, 19 of the participating towns decided to submit nominees for the award.  Holliston nominated our own Deb Moore for her grassroots campaign that prevented Pinecrest golf course from being developed into housing units, her longtime position as head of the town’s Golf Course Committee, and the long hours she has put in to beautifying the course.  However, Holliston faced some stiff competition from other communities and did not end up winning the award this year.

With the conclusion of the awards ceremony, America in Bloom disbanded and the participants began preparing to return to their respective communities.  They will meet again next year in Holliston on Columbus Day weekend.

Comments (3)

While at the symposium so many there told me how excited they are it will be in Holliston next year & look forward to attending! This will be a huge opportunity for Holliston so don't forget to volunteer we need your help to showcase our beautiful community!!!!

D eb Moore | 2016-10-10 13:24:21

Once again kudo's to all who make Holliston in Bloom happen, especially local businesses, town government, organizations and individuals. While Holliston is known for its superb school system and low crime rate, HIB hopes to make the town known for its volunteer efforts, historical preservation and the town with all the flowers. Next year Holliston has the huge honor of hosting the America in Bloom National Symposium. While we look forward to the national spotlight, we'll also be looking forward to your help.

Bobby Blair | 2016-10-09 05:02:48

Congratulations Holliston !! Being first in our population category three times has given us distinction as a circle of champions designation !! Its so gratifying to see all the hard work for so many volunteers pay dividends with this kind of recognition !! Co - Chairs Holliston In Bloom Kathy Shore, And Mark Ahronian

Mark Ahronian | 2016-10-09 04:26:29