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New Reader Remembers Life in Holliston

by Lee Brown

I just saw this site for the first time!!! WOW! I grew up in Medway on Hill St at the corner of Highland St. Our property went right to the Medway/Holliston line. I spent most of my time in Holliston. Went to Camp Patoma from a camper at age 7 to a counselor at 16. Had an occasional date with Sharon Holbrook -- the chief's daughter -- good friends.

My Dad and I stopped at Pete's Diner many mornings on the way to school -- hot chocolate and donuts for me -- I can still picture Pete. My grandfather was a good friend of Henry Quinn who owned the gas station downtown -- I think it was a Gulf station (early 50s). I also had my haircut by Joe, and we shopped at Russell's -- old store and new -- loved all the bins. Anyone remember Young's Hardware? Also a nice restaurant opened for a few years on the early 60s near the Congregational Church -- I think it was in one of the historical buildings -- anyway one of the white houses -- it was called Litchfield's or Littlefield's -- it was good!

As to Walters -- Ma was the best, as were the boys. Ma and my family were close -- we ate there often -- best hot dogs and fried clams and banana splits. Took ballroom dance lessons just a little out of downtown -- can't remember what building it was -- took them there for a couple of years- my best partner was Sue Gustafson and took Square Dance lessons at the High School -- danced with Sheila Duggin (could be Doogin) -- great dancer -- wonder if she is still in town. The teacher was Mr. Bob Johnson. My first job was at the Mobil station that opened downtown -- across the street from Pete's. The owner's name was Gene -- nice guy -- really enjoyed the job. I now live in California but back here in and visiting town to reconnect to my roots -- can't ever get a -- 'real home' out of your system or heart.

My Dad, Lou Brown, was a member of Mt. Hollis Masonic Lodge. Sooooo many wonderful memories -- hopefully someone will see this comment and remember some of the same things and comment.

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HELLO ALL from sunny warm Palm Desert - I know I can be a brat. I just saw all these comments today thanks to help from Paul. THANKS PAUL. SOOOO - MILLIE - I recognize your name- are you a part of the Kampersal Dairy family? "Sustain that golden health of youth" on every bottle. JACK- I am sure we met at some time - when you were young 10 and up. Weren't you around the restaurant? I think I remember a boy my age "helping out" is what Ma used to say. I can truly say that any time I went there I ALWAYS got a hug with Ma. She knew my grandparents well also it was part of the meal ?? Jon thank you for the comment about Henry- my grandfather took his cars there for repair. When he closed one of his mechanics opened his own shop so my grandfather followed him over there. I think I remember that he did very well BOBBI Yes it was Gene Chevarie. Here is a funny story- kind-of. My grandfather was a huge part of my life and he knew everyone. So I am working at Gene's and I get a bright idea. My grandfather gave me a Mobile card to use for gas. So I wanted a little cash for Walters Dairy or whatever- so "charged TBA" is what Gene called it -tires batteries and accessories, and he gave me the cash. I thought I w as getting away with something. Of course I realized later that my GF knew when he got the bill but he never said a word- neither did Gene AAHHH youth. It was Joe Larson- he was a patient man especially with my Dad. He would bring me in for a haircut then stay there and tell Joe how to cut my hair. I remember the expression on Joe's face clearly. My Dad was very difficult sometimes but he meant well. We just got back from an 8100 mile road trip coast to coast and spent time in Medway. Went by the house on Hill St. Time does take its tole. Anyway- good to see the replies-HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOOD HEALTH to all

Lee Brrown | 2017-01-13 10:20:36

I've heard that the current post office had been a dance hall at one time but I'm not sure when it stopped--and became a roller skating rink, I think. Perhaps your dance lessons were there. It's out of town about a mile from the Milford line, heading toward Braggville.

Millie Kampersal | 2016-09-28 05:53:23

Lee, Thanks for the nice comments about Holliston. It is a great community and we "old-timers" have many fond memories. Walter's Dairy will always be a part of the the town's history and I'm proud to be part of the family. My uncle Walter will be celebrating his 100th birthday next May. The rest of "the boys" have passed on but the legacy lives on. Proud to be part of the history of Holliston. Wish you well in California.

Jack Rossini | 2016-09-26 17:29:31

Henry Quitt owned the Mobil station

Jon dillon | 2016-09-26 07:15:56

That may have been Gene Chevarie that owned the Mobil Station and Joe LaRosa that cut your hair

Bobby Blair | 2016-09-26 03:27:10