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HIB Recognizes Best Dressed Businesses

by Cherry Fenton

Have you noticed more businesses in Holliston have started to decorate their shops with flowering plants over the summer months?  Attractive plantings enhance curb appeal and welcome potential customers.  Holliston in Bloom has taken notice and we think our local business owners are all deserving of a “Business in Bloom” designation!  Photos were taken of businesses downtown both on Washington and Central Streets but also along Woodland Street and the ends of Washington Street.

Jasper Hill Cafe

Next year, HIB hopes to sponsor contests such as Best Front Yard, Best Containers, and Best Use of Antiques for both commercial and residential properties.  Look for MORE color, and MORE blooms as more businesses and individuals participate in 2017!!! 

You may have heard that Holliston has been asked to host the America in Bloom National Symposium next October.  As part of the Symposium, over 250 convention attendees will have the opportunity to visit Holliston one afternoon.  Starting next month, HIB, along with the Downtown Marigold Project, will coordinate a dress rehearsal of fall plantings to have peak bloom just before Columbus Day weekend.  We will take note of what has to succumbed to light frosts and what still looks good in the shorter days of autumn.  Richer colors along with fall decorations will replace the summer colors of pinks and yellows. 

If you are part of an organization that is looking for community service hours, please contact us!   Volunteers are needed to help plant the hundreds of mums (and perennials) we expect to install next month.  Help Holliston shine for the 2017 National Symposium!  We also have a couple of more projects that require some PHDs (Professional Hole Diggers) as well.  Check out our website and like our page Holliston in Bloom on Facebook.  




Fiskes General Store