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HIB Committee Plans for National Symposium & Next Year

by Mark Ahronian

An appreciation cook out was held at Mark & Linda Ahronian's home for members of Holliston in Bloom with help from Kathy & Bob Shore. It was announced that two awards were issued by the two judges as they left Holliston.

The two spot or door tag awards were given to the Holliston Historical Society, and to Bobby Blair for his fine work. The judges were impressed with Holliston's volunteer spirit. Later on, in early October, Town administrator Jeff Ritter, who attended the cook out and committee members along with Holliston's nominee community champion Debbie Moore, will be going to the National Symposium in California representing Holliston. We wish our team the best of luck in California where we will find out how Holliston faired on the national competition.

HIB committee members also made plans for the planting of 436 mums around town in September as a dress rehearsal for 2017 when Holliston will host the National Symposium for America in Bloom. Unlike other cities and town's which participate in America in Bloom and still have summer flowers in late September or early October, Holliston will be closer to the traditional fall frost time when the symposium is held. The Downtown Marigold Project will share the cost of purchasing the mums with Holliston in Bloom.


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We can't thank all who volunteered there time this year enough ! Weather your a business, municipal employee, town official or a resident you have made a significant difference being a part of Holliston's s team effort for this year's competition

Mark Ahronian | 2016-08-22 07:25:43