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Election 2016

by Matthew Payton

It’s an election year and everywhere you look passions burn and opinions are worn on the sleeve, while our political system is consumed by polarization. According to last year a staggering 66% of Americans stated they didn’t think the federal government had the consent of those it presided over, and 86% stated they were of the opinion that the political system didn’t serve everyone’s best interests, regardless of their political afflictions or lack thereof.  Is this really true however, or is it simply political propaganda and heresy?

Moreover if it is true, how do these prospective shortcomings in our democracy affect our ability to resolve issues either nationally, or internationally, such as health care, foreign policy, education, infrastructure or otherwise. If we as a society can truly agree on anything, it is perhaps that our system in one manner or another could use some adjustment, either in the areas of campaign finance and redistricting, or the qualifications required before an individual is eligible to run for certain offices within government, or dare I say, why mass media seems determined to focus on two political parties, rather than present all options.

Regardless of one’s opinion of these issues however, it is worth considering that many Americans, youth in particular, don’t fully concentrate on the election until televised contests start, and even then many reserve their interests for presidential elections, and disregard other avenues of government. How does this affect us as an individual community however? Would Holliston and other locales throughout our nation benefit from greater political awareness and communication? Some would say yes, myself among them, but regardless of one’s take on these issues they are worth at the very least worth considering. If we all asked ourselves “how can I get involved?” or “what can I do?” how much better off would we be?

Comments (2)

I couldn't agree more.

Anita Durette | 2016-08-08 06:10:00

Very nicely said. Hope everyone takes it to heart. Every vote counts in every election!

Jackie Dellicker | 2016-08-03 04:32:34