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Highway Department is a Great Help

by Mark Ahronian

Holliston Highway Department making a big difference in our community.  

 The Highway Department is the only town department that touches every other department in town whether it's pruning brush or trees at right of way side walk street, or pruning at the Library,

Schools, Town Hall, or other maintenance of Town property such as the eight Arch bridge

Rail trail keeping it accessible.

They have a huge job in maintaining our roads,

They help out in every single park in town. Presently they are working on clearing wild brush that sometimes block a motorist's vision, constantly trying to make our town more safe. They help in getting our community ready for the America In Bloom judges, and also ready for Celebrate Holliston In September. If you see one of them around town don't hesitate to thank them ! 

A little kindness and consideration goes a long way.

Thank you Holliston Highway Department.


Comments (3)

Indeed! Superintendent Tom Smith and crew, thanks for getting the 8 Arch Bridge and elsewhere looking "camera-ready" for the Judges. They loved Holliston - and Holliston in Bloom could NOT get all this work done without you. Partners-in-Bloom.

Mary Greendale | 2016-07-23 12:09:39

Absolutely. Nobody thinks about keeping those miles of roads clear of brush, until it doesn't happen. It's a thankless, poison-ivy and pricker-filled job, and our Highway Department does it day in and day out. I was particularly impressed several years ago when they cleared out all the growth in front of the 8-arch bridge. (that, by the way, was when I discovered it had 8 arches, not 7) Thanks, folks, for doing the work to make Holliston look as good as it does!

Peter Simpson | 2016-07-21 04:35:47

So nice to have an article that thanks the HD for their hard work. Not only are they working tirelessly in exceptionally hot weather, but they do so all year-round. Thank you to all those who work to maintain our town, parks, common areas and streets!

sarah commerford | 2016-07-21 04:15:58