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About the New Pokemon Craze

by Matthew Payton

    It’s hard to set foot outside the door in Holliston these days without hearing about “Pokemon Go,” the augmented reality app which was launched last week.  The app has players chasing down digital creatures in outdoors, and catching them with items referred to as “Poke Balls” with locations like Blair Square, and Casey at the Bat, and other landmarks, and retailers serving as “PokeStops” where players attain digital items while being given background information on the actual landmark or retailer, and “Poke Gyms” where players can compete against creatures captured by other players and used to capture the gym, think scavenger hunt meets capture the flag.

There’s been a bit of debate going however as to the ramifications of the game. On one hand it has players of all ages up and outside exercising with an average of 4 miles a day per player, though some critics argue that the application leads youth into danger. The application does however warn players to “be alert at all times and stay aware of their surroundings.”  Despite this parents may be well advised to speak with their children about this before setting the little ones loose and allowing them to enjoy the game.