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Mural is DONE

by Cherry Fenton

A former cracked retaining wall at the Fire Station has been transformed into a work of public art over the past year.  In April 2015, Holliston in Bloom started the transformation with the Exchange Street municipal lot walkway project.  Thanks to multiple municipal departments, and several local companies and individuals, a new retaining wall and walkway were built leading from the municipal lot on Exchange Street to Central Street.  Holliston in Bloom also paid for repairs to the existing two retaining walls at the fire station.  Donations of dozens of hosta plants from town residents completely filled the garden planted under the crabapple tree and annuals were added by the Downtown Marigold Project along the walkway and new fence.   Thanks to Gil Cunha of Stock Car Auto for watering all the hostas and plants at the fence since last year!

The mural started as a Tate family affair.  In 2015, sisters Maddy and Sammy Tate submitted a design to Fire Chief Michael Cassidy that included an image of a stone wall and possibly an arch.  Late last summer, mom Michelle helped HIB Secretary Cherry Fenton prime the largest repaired retaining wall.   Cherry painted the curved retaining wall this spring.

In addition to working on her senior project this past spring, the 8-Arch Bridge school art project where nearly 200 Holliston elementary and middle school students submitted their interpretations of the Bogastow Viaduct displayed at the library during Spring Festival ( ), HHS senior Sammy finished painting the stone wall mural in time for arrival of the America in Bloom judges.  In addition to a faux stone wall complete with lichen, she incorporated a stone arch (a nod to the Rail Trail) with a pastoral view, along with a multitude of realistic details including squirrels, butterflies, flowers, and of course, fairies. The reference to fairies is for Sammy and Maddy who have also been volunteering at face painting, dressed as fairies, for the past two years for Holliston in Bloom at the HBA Spring Festival.  The marigold, our town flower, was included as well as poppies which commemorate our veterans.  The State bird, a chickadee, can also be found on the mural.  Numbers 7 and 73 were included to recognize two young residents Tim O'Connell and Joey Larracey who both died in September 2008.  A complete list of items will be found at 

Holliston in Bloom has competed in the national America in Bloom competition since 2012, winning the Best in Population size twice.  Holliston will be the host for the America in Bloom National Symposium in October 2017 and it will be the first time the Symposium in hosted in New England!  Please read more about HIB and AIB at

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Pat duffey | 2016-07-16 05:13:31

Whimsy and Beauty, love it!!!

Nancy King-Bolger | 2016-07-15 15:49:32

Lovely mural and so well thought out. Awesome design. Thanks for enriching our community. Annie Hale

Annie Hale | 2016-07-15 08:24:34

Absolutely fantastic job...Sammy Tate, Maddie and Michelle and congratulations to all who took part...another job well done to beautify our precious town!

Denise Landry-Horowitz | 2016-07-15 07:15:43

Great Job! You are very talented!

Bill Duffy | 2016-07-15 04:46:17

That is simply fabulous. Thank you.

Erica Plunkett | 2016-07-15 04:42:46

OK, that's just amazing! Well done.

Peter Simpson | 2016-07-15 04:20:21

To all that made this happen. It absolutely looks magical. The artist is truly gifted. Thank You

Lieutenant John E. Gagnon | 2016-07-15 03:27:19