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The Infractions Perform at Goodwill Park

by Matt Ristaino

The Goodwill Park Summer Concert Series continued on Tuesday evening with a performance by The Infractions. The band is mainly from the South Shore, and has been together for 20 years.

The Infractions performing at Goodwill Park

The Infractions entertained the large crowd with a variety of songs, ranging from country to R&B to classic rock. “We play pretty much anything from the 70’s through today,” said Brian Stratton, the band’s lead vocalist and bassist.

A fairly large crowd was on hand to see the show

Stratton also said that they have played in Holliston a few times in the recent past, and that the band plays about 25 to 30 town concerts such as the one at Goodwill over the course of the summer.

The band has five members in total: Colin Edgar, who plays the saxophone, Joe Casano, who plays the trumpet, Bill Holbrook, the band’s drummer, Tony Rocks, the lead guitarist, and Stratton.

Lead singer Brian Stratton invited children up to the stage to perform with the band

The band doing their sound checks before the show

This concert was the the second of four shows scheduled for this summer at Goodwill Park. Next week’s show features Ben Rudnick & Friends, and starts at 6:30pm. More information about the upcoming shows can be found on the Holliston Parks and Recreation website.

TC Scoops of Medway, owned by Holliston resident Tina Chemini, was on hand to scoop ice cream for the crowd