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Holliston's Deb Moore is 2016 Holliston In Bloom Community Champion

by Mark Ahronian

Holliston's Deb Moore is 2016 Holliston In Bloom Community Champion!  Deb while working full time some how finds time for many years to help our town as advisory of our town golf course directing with her husband John's help all the plantings at Pine Crest golf course which has been recognized by America In Bloom judges more than once! The Holliston In Bloom committee unanimously voted for Deb Moore for this prestigious award.

(Deb Moore at a recent Selectmens' meeting advocating for Pinecrest Golf Course)

Comments (3)

I'm not quite sure what exact year it was, but if Deb Moore hadn't collected names on a petition and brought the sale of the golf course before town meeting the landscape around Highland and Prentice Street may well have looked differently today. Deb and her husband John's unpaid efforts on behalf of the town are above and beyond. Both are true Community Champions.

Bobby Blair | 2016-06-18 05:34:24

Deb well deserved all your hard work finally recognized

Sylvia Stickney | 2016-06-17 13:25:05

Debbie will be Holliston's nominee for the America In Bloom national convention contest for community champion ! She will be up against the best of the best ! Although all nominee's are considered winners one is chosen. Last year there was about thirty nominee's from around the country. The community of Holliston is cheering Deb. Moore and wishing her our best.

Mark Ahronian | 2016-06-17 03:15:57