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Notice of Volunteer Position Opening: Conservation Commissioner

by Sheri D. O'Brien

Notice of Volunteer Position Opening: Conservation Commissioner

The Holliston Conservation Commission, a seven-member board, currently has an opening.  If you are a Holliston resident with an interest in wetland and conservation issues, and would like to serve your Town on a volunteer board, then the Commission encourages you to apply for this position.  No experience is necessary, however, experience in a field, such as science, engineering, or regulatory matters, is helpful.

The Conservation Commission has the statutory responsibility to protect Holliston’s natural assets, including Holliston’s wetlands, watershed resources, and conservation lands. They meet every other Tuesday evening in the Town Hall to hold wetland application hearings and issue decisions regarding these applications, review potential wetlands violations, discuss further land acquisitions or management efforts, plan future events, review legal matters, answer inquiries from other municipal boards, review complaints, discuss budgetary matters, and other related Conservation affairs.  For more information, please visit the Commission’s website:

Please send your Letter of Interest and Resume to the Holliston Conservation Commission, Town Hall, 703 Washington Street, 01746 or e-mail to .  If you have any questions regarding this position, please call Chuck Katuska (Conservation Agent) or Sheri O’Brien (Conservation Assistant) at 508-429-0607.

The application deadline is Friday, July 1, 2016, or until position is filled.

The Town of Holliston is an equal opportunity employer.


Comments (3)

Ok Amy, I'll bite. What would you like to see changed in holliston?

Filacio Torres | 2016-06-16 13:28:21

I am interested in filling this role. I would like to see Holliston take a different tack on many issues.

Amy Anderson | 2016-06-14 19:55:06

I have been a Commissioner for a few years now and find it be a rewarding and important role in contributing to the overall high quality of life in Holliston. Happy to chat with anyone who might be interested in the position. Call or email the office to get in touch.

Shaw Lively | 2016-06-14 07:24:03