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by Desiree Awiszio

Lamb files by-law amendment to right this wrong

Holliston, MA ...Today Republican State Committeeman Marty Lamb announced that he has filed a by-law amendment to the Republican State Committee that would reinstate the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). 

"It was wrong of the party to revoke the local charter for this national organization. My amendment will reinstate the charter which will allow the local federation of Republican women to get active again within the Commonwealth. We need them to help defeat Hillary," said Lamb. "The Massachusetts Federation of Republican Women (MFRW) has done extraordinary work for the party over the past 80 years.  We cannot afford to sideline these women activists."

During last year's election cycle, the Republican Party Executive Committee did a review of charters.  One of the conclusions was to deny a permit to use the word Republican in the MFRW title, because the MFRW would not give the State Party Executive Committee a list of their membership and contact information along with the bank account numbers of all their clubs. This would have been a violation of the MFRW by-laws as well as the NFRW refusal to allow outside use of their corporately held documents.  Therefore, the NFRW was forced to pull the charter for the Massachusetts Federation of Republican Women to protect the MFRW members from being turned over to the Attorney General's office for criminal and civil sanctions including a $1,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.  Without the MFRW charter, the clubs were forced to shut down and close their bank accounts that have financially supported candidates. 

Lamb has filed a by-law amendment which will be voted upon by the entire Republican State Committee at the May 25th meeting.

"If we are a party interested in outreach, this by-law amendment will be passed," said Lamb.  "I urge concerned Republicans to call their State Committee members and ask them to vote for my amendment."

About Lamb...

In 2013, when the legislature linked the gas tax to inflation so that it would increase every year without a vote, Lamb stepped forward to be a Co-Chairman of Tank Automatic Gas Tax Hikes.  Lamb helped build a grassroots team that collected 120,000 signatures within 9 weeks.  During the second round of signatures, the team collected another 26,000.  When the Office of Campaign and Political Finance prohibited the ballot team from telling the public how legislators voted on the issue, Lamb started a PAC to educate voters.

During the last year's election cycle, Lamb helped numerous candidates running for office via the PAC and volunteering on campaigns.

Lamb has also been the Republican nominee for the Massachusetts House and for Congress.  In 2010, he won a 5-way primary.  For the past 4 years, Lamb had been the Holliston Republican Town Committee Chairman.  He has volunteered on numerous campaigns.  Most recently, he was helping Geoff Diehl for State Senate. Lamb was the only candidate in this race to help the only partisan race occurring in Massachusetts at the time.

In March, Lamb was elected to the Republican State Committee defeating a long-time incumbent.