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Help Wanted! Friends of Holliston Trails

by Marc Rosenfeld

In February of 2012, I created the Friends of Holliston Trails to help raise money for, and awareness of, Holliston’s Upper Charles Trail – the “Rail Trail”. My first order of business was recruiting Ed Daniels to join the cause and together, along with many wonderful volunteers, we have established the Friends as one of Holliston’s most prolific fundraisers and event organizers, carving out space on our Town’s always crowded calendar for the First Night Trail Walk and 5k Trail Race. Through your generous support we have overseen the installation of street crossing signals, bridge railings, dog waste stations, granite benches not to mention the construction of the actual Trail itself. The purpose of this announcement is twofold.

  1. The Friends of Holliston Trails pledges to donate $30,000.00 over the coming months to further the development of the Trail.

  2. Ed and I are ready to take a step back and invite some “new blood” to get involved.

The former is self-explanatory so I’ll take a minute to talk about the latter. There are four “Executive Committee” positions. President, Vice-President, Clerk and Treasurer – all of which Ed and I currently fill ourselves. We are inviting applications to fill the roles of Vice-President, Clerk and Treasurer. Through a by-law provision the President must first serve one year in another Executive Committee role.

Vice-President: This person shall assume the day to day responsibilities of guiding the Friends of Holliston Trails, establishing committees, setting policy and presiding at meetings. The Vice-President will transition to the role of President after one year.

Clerk: This person shall keep a correct record of all proceedings at each meeting.

Treasurer: This person shall receive and take charge of all monies belonging to the corporation and shall be responsible for all year end filings with the IRS and the Commonwealth. This is the one position that requires specialized knowledge in the field of accounting/bookkeeping.

I will stay on as President for one year to help transition the new team and Ed will stay on as a non-Executive Committee board member.

We have worked hard to create a stable foundation for this still young organization and look forward to watching the next team build upon our success. Please consider lending your time and your talents to this tremendous community asset.


Marc Rosenfeld – President (Vice-President, Treasurer)

Friends of Holliston Trails, Inc.