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Cars with Keyless Security

by Matthew Payton

Cars with keyless security and startup systems are becoming more and more commonplace. These systems are capable of searching for a wireless key fob that is within a couple of feet of the automobile, however hackers and other electronic thieves are capable of using a power amplifier which can be acquired for a mere $17.  This device boosts key searching capabilities to approximately 100 meters, resulting in the automobile in question behaving as if the key was in close proximity and providing full functionality of said vehicle to the thief. Nick Bilton at The New York Times was almost a victim of this crime, Bilton reported seeing he saw a girl hop off her bike, and pull out a small black device from her backpack.

Residents of Holliston who own automobiles which can be targeted using these technologies, should consider bypassing the remote locking system and manually handling the vehicle the old fashioned way where appropriate, be on the lookout for radio jammers, typically small plastic or metal boxes roughly the shape of a two-way radio, be on the alert for cues the car gives when receiving the locking signal, don’t just assume it was received, and consider storing keys in the freezer, or the microwave, the heavy metal cages around the appliances block the amplifier and prevent the implementation of these technologies. Nick Bilton of The New York Times does just that, as does Mr. Dan Yesenosky of U.S. Today.

Hopefully, this article provided some useful data to residents of Holliston, if there are absolutely any questions don’t hesitate to provide them in the comment section below.

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Holy cow, what a sentence!

Geoffrey Harm | 2016-12-11 11:52:23