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Holliston Students Participate in the Five Town School Day Games

by Pat Montain

If success is measured in smiles, then the fourth annual Five Town School Days Games were very, very successful. There was an abundance of smiles at the Ashland High School gymnasium during this Special Olympic event on Friday, April 1st. Eighty-four student athletes from Holliston, Ashland, Millis, Medway, and Medfield, as well as several New England Patriots representatives, participated in football themed activities.

          To start their day, Holliston student athletes were sent off by their cheering classmates as they got on their bus to the games. Team buses from all of the five towns met at Ashland State Park. From the park, the buses were accompanied by a parade of First Responders to Ashland High School. The student athletes entered the Ashland High School and paraded through the halls towards the gym. Every step of the way they were warmly greeted by an enthusiastic, cheering crowd of Ashland High School students.

          The Opening Ceremonies began with Ashland student, Steven Robinson, carrying the Olympic Torch into the gymnasium.  This athlete was joined by representatives of the New England Patriots including Pat the Patriot, AJ Derby, Geneo Grissom, and Rob Gronkowski.  Speakers during the Opening Ceremonies included State Representative Karen Spilka, members of the Ashland School Administration, Massachusetts’  Special Olympic Chapter representative Megan Hoffman, and Rob Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski takes advantage of a photo opportunity with student athlete, Kyle Perry.

          After the Opening Ceremony, the student athletes participated in the football activity stations.  These stations included the Brady Toss, the Edelman Catch, the Grid Iron Gronk (obstacle course), and the Gostkowski Extra Points (kicking). The New England Patriot representatives enthusiastically participated in the fun.

New England Patriot, Geneo Grissom takes advantage of a photo opportunity with student athlete, Dom Bonfatti.

          After completion of all stations, the student athletes received their Special Olympic medals. Wendy Krauss, Miller School occupational therapist, and Pat Montain, district wide physical therapist, called forward each Holliston student to receive their medal. Holliston fire fighter, Steve Garry, and Holliston School’s Student Services Administrator, Meg Camire, presented the medals to the Holliston students.

          Upon completion of the medal ceremony, student athletes from all five towns participated in a choreographed flash mob which ended with a conga line. The conga line led the students to lunch in the cafeteria. Ashland’s school’s food services baked up a delicious meal of pizza for athletes and volunteers.      

Student athletes, Liam deGanne and Tommy Monteith, take time to enjoy the Olympic spirit.

Student athlete, Liam deGanne, takes some pointers from Rob Gronkowski before taking on the obstacle course.

Student athletes, Aidan Kocur and Joseph Whalen, take time to enjoy the Olympic moment.

Rob Gronkowski taking advantage of a photo op with student athlete, Ava Jeye, after completion of the obstacle course.

Student athlete, Lindsey Franco, completing the obstacle course

Student athlete, Maddie Bloecher, reviewing the ball air pressure with Rob Gronkowski

Student athlete, Alanna Buchanan, hot on Rob Gronkowski's heels during the obstacle course

Student athlete, Tommy Monteith, meeting the challenge of the obstacle course

Rob Gronkowski takes advantage of a photo op with student athlete, Jesse Wexler

Conga line

Student athlete, Dom Bonfatti getting some throwing time with New England Patriot, AJ Derby

Student athlete, Sam Cerulli receiving pointers from Laura Ryan, Adams occupational therapist

Student athlete, Jesse Wexler, exhibiting his speed on the obstacle course.


Rob Gronkowski takes advantage of a photo opportunity with student athletes Joseph Whalen and Aidan Kocur.

Student athlete, Tyler Pomfred getting ready to take on the obstacle course while student athlete Kyle Perry is on deck.

Student athlete, Joseph Whalen, benefiting from direction on the obstacle course



Sean Hunt  receiving his medal from Holliston fire fighter, Steve Garry.


After the awards the students & volunteers did a flash mob dance. The dance ended with a conga line. The conga line led the student athletes and volunteers out of the gym and to the cafeteria for lunch.

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Great program and great coverage. Thanks Pat

Bill Tobin | 2016-04-11 08:55:32

Love it! Love seeing the smiling faces of so many young friends. As always, pat, amazing!

Sandy mack | 2016-04-11 04:18:21