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High School Basketball Players Do Us Proud

by Dick Morgado

Recent published reports highlighted how fans on both sides at an area high school basketball game exchanged homophobic and anti-semitic chants. Holliston was not one of them. Holliston fans chose another route. At a recent playoff game against Concord-Carlisle a striking display of good manners broke out.

Despite being over matched and down by 30 points at halftime Holliston fans did not disparage their opponents with negative name calling or shouted indignities. Instead, I’m told, they shouted “we respect you” and the opponents responded in kind.  The result… both sides spontaneously joining in a chorus of “Don’t Stop Believin”’ and “Sweet Caroline.”

As a former Vice Chair of the Holliston School Committee and a father of two graduates I want to commend the school athletes, coaches and the fans who exhibited the highest order of sportsmanship and exemplary behavior at this event even in defeat. At a time when other schools' students display boorish conduct and national politicians model shameful behavior toward their opponents Holliston's students, with rare exception, continue to demonstrate a high level of maturity.

Dick Morgado

Comments (3)

Nice! Very classy, Holliston, and I mean that sincerely. This is another of the many reasons I'm so happy to live in Holliston.

P Simpson | 2016-03-21 04:26:16

Yvonne Abraham wrote about this in her column (Boston Globe, 3/17). Wonderful!

Kathy Kiley | 2016-03-20 03:29:22

Wonderful! There is hope for the world.

Jackie Dellicker | 2016-03-19 04:54:33