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The Rock Pile

by Joanne Hulbert

You have driven by it on Prentice Street while on your way to the landfill or Hopkinton; played golf around it, and perhaps you have wondered – what is it? WHY is it?

The pile of rocks is a Holliston landmark that has puzzled some, speculated by a few overactive thinkers, been ignored by many, cursed by some – especially golfers who have lost innumerable Titleists, Wilson Titaniums and even several Callaway Solaires deep within the shadowy confines of the crevices and blamed the pile for lowering their golf scores. But there’s surely a few conspiratorial minds out there who speculate deep into the night about what, just what is that pile? In an effort to either soothe the minds of conspiracy theorists – and golfers, or to incite the overactive minds of the deeply imaginative, A challenge is now put forward to all of those so inspired to come up with why they think that pile exists, or, come up with the deep, dark truth behind . . . . that rock pile. . . . .

Now, a few have come forward, anonymously, of course, as their reputations may depend upon the measure of their sanity, with theories about . . . . . that rock pile . . . .

One resident of Central Street, who may wish to remain anonymous – something about wanting to seem sane – thinks something is buried under there. Why else pile up all those rocks? And look at the shape of it! Must be something really really HUGE! But I’m not just sayin’.

Maybe it’s a herpetarium . . . . . some golfers might agree.

Or a marker to guide alien space ships.

Or, a memorial to an Indian maiden, tragically drowned in Chicken Brook.

Or, if one certain rock is removed, a passageway to . . . . . .

What’s your best idea? Points will be given for originality. Just leave your guess, or your theory, and we’ll see who comes up with the best of the best. The prize? Well, we’ll think about it.

Joanne Hulbert, Town Historian

What's your theory?

Comments (11)

There is a matching pile at the end of Burnap Rd

Steve lawless | 2019-06-04 17:29:41

I have heard that the "rock pile" is located on what was a Holliston Farm. The "Stone Pile". secures the grave of the farmer's Mother-In-Law , who was reportedly known to walk in her sleep.

Michael Gaetano | 2019-05-04 13:15:39

Although the rock mound looks very similar to Bronze Age passage tombs in Ireland, I will go with revolutionary war gun powder cache, what might be called a magazine. This or a putative root cellar from the same period or a bit after. And if something conspiratorial (read bogus from stem to stern) is sought, all I have to do is turn to one of our esteemed textbooks to locate a cooked-up yarn that bears little resemblance to the events that actually transpired. Yes, we are blessed with so many resources in this vein.

Dave Nolan | 2016-03-08 06:44:17

It is indeed an Indian burial ground...there are 2 of them (identical) in Brookline...

Charles Brewster | 2016-03-07 17:38:57

First time I golfed at Pinecrest about 20 years ago, my tee shot hit the rocks and ricocheted to withing 5 feet of the pin (no, I missed the putt). I've been trying to duplicate that shot since, to no avail.

John Ratcliffe | 2016-03-07 12:46:15

It was probably created when they made the golf course - to remove rocks for smoother fairways. Someone probably stacked the rocks there with plans to do something with them at a later date. Once he started stacking them, he decided to make a fancy pile, so some day, someone would say, "I wonder why that rock pile is there."

Donna Allen | 2016-03-07 12:27:19

Rocks rock....these are especially beautifully mounded I've always noticed...I wonder how long it has been there..has anyone been 'neatening' them...was the golf course green made around the rocks leaving the mound untouched or was it remounded then? I believe they are from our Native American people....but don't know why...which is the question :) Thanks for this article..looking forward to more history or answers! Kate Foley

kate foley | 2016-03-07 10:31:15

Had to put the rocks somewhere...

Dan Mades | 2016-03-07 07:22:16

My husband used to tell our children and the grandchildren that an Indian Chief was buried there.

Yvonne Giargiari | 2016-03-07 07:01:03

when my children were small their babysitter told them, that a circus came to town and the elephant died and they didn't have time to dig a hole so they just piled rocks on it.....

Sheila Love | 2016-03-07 05:58:19

I think you have to take the tower across the street into account when considering the origins and purpose of the rock pile. My theory for both of them, is that Holliston, nay, New England, fields have been blessed by the glaciers with an abundance of smooth chunks of granite. One might even say that the only reliable crop in this area is rocks. And, once you've built walls around your fields, put a chimney on your house and built an observation tower, what do you do with the next year's crop? Darn, you say, I'm getting tired of building stuff. How about a "rock pen"? Notice how nice and smooth the sides are? Later years' crops get chucked into the center. That's my theory...a creative farmer who just go tired of building stuff.

P Simpson | 2016-03-07 05:18:22