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Giving Back

by Jonathan Gerber

Dear Friends,

 It's felt like spring lately, but the holidays really are almost here again!  Time to start thinking about giving gifts -- and giving back.  Every child deserves that feeling of holiday excitement — wishing for that special gift, ripping off the wrapping paper and getting just what they were hoping for.  But without your help, many kids wouldn’t get that chance.  We’re starting our annual Holiday Dreams gift drive early this year, and we hope you’ll join us!

 As many of you know, for the past nine years, our family has sponsored this gift drive to support JFS Metrowest, the Woodrow Wilson School in Framingham, the Holliston Schools and youth and family services, and DSS in Massachusetts.  Last year, with your generosity and help, we helped over 500 children — bringing us to more than 3,000 children over the years.  This year we are hoping to reach somewhere between 800 and 1,000 kids -- a remarkable number and a huge difference maker in so many lives.

 Getting involved is so easy: simply let us know how many children you’d like to sponsor (you can take on an entire family or individual kids).  We will send you the children’s wish lists.  Then, you can either shop for the kids yourself or donate money and our shoppers will do it for you.  As for wrapping, there is none! The parents of the kids we’re helping wrap all of the gifts with paper we provide. This gives them a chance to see what their children are receiving.  As far as timing, we would be looking to collect no later than December 21st for Christmas.

 And big news this year!!!   We just got approved as a 501c charitable organization, so your entire donation is tax exempt!  (Details to follow.)  You get the incredible feeling of making a child's holiday wishes come true and a tax deduction.  It's truly a win win situation!

 So much thanks to all who join us every year in making holiday dreams come true.  Please let us know if you’d like to do it again.  And for those of you new to the gift drive, if you’d like to participate, please email us back at  If not, of course that's fine too.  Many of you have asked, so we are sending out this information to provide our family and friends with an easy way to impact many needy kids and families this holiday season.  

 Gift-giving doesn’t get much more rewarding than this.  We know it will be one of the most joyful and fulfilling experiences you ever have.  You are making a real difference!  

 We look forward to speaking to you soon and having another amazing holiday season!

 Happy Holidays,

 Leslie and Jonathan


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Happy Holidays.

Irv | 2015-12-14 11:27:07