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Fiske's Gets Colorized

by Mark Ahronian

We planted large Chrysanthemums downtown in the pots Holliston In Bloom provides. We planted eight creating a festival of color!

Bloom members planting today were Linda and Mark Ahronian, and Bloom member Mary Greendale stopped by with her enthusiasm to say hi. Owner of Fiske's General Store, John Paltrineri, who has been a Holliston In Bloom sponsor since its inception was thrilled to see welcoming fall color downtown.

Residents Chris Herbert, and daughter Sam Herbert enjoying the downtown colors.

Linda Ahronian digs in while Mark records the moment.

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Nice to see that Linda is continuing her work with her PHD degree - Professional Hole Digger - with the master himself. Thank you for bringing more fall color!

Cherry Fenton | 2015-10-11 05:27:58