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Celebrate Holliston's Harvest Tent

by Theresa Lamkin


The center of the field at Celebrate Holliston will be filled with the traditional Harvest Tent.  This time tested Holliston tradition will have the classic activities we all love and NEW FUN FOR 2015!  

There will be a duck & RING TOSS games to win fun small prizes, OUR BIGGEST & BEST raffles EVER from local businesses, unique & coveted Holliston merchandise, and much, much more.

If you are creative and would like to put your creations to the test we have two contests: 

First, we have a decorated pumpkin contest  for everyone ages 1 to 100.  All you need to do is decorate a pumpkin however you choose and bring it to the tent before noon.  There are no rules!  Fancy, simple, scary, funny, it is only limited by your imagination. 

Decorate your pumpkin at home & bring it to the field on Saturday the 19th before Noon (12:00) or ...

For the kids, the Holliston Public Library will be hosting a pumpkin decorating craft event (keep an eye on their calendar site for details or call 508-429-0619).  Bring your kids and a pumpkin to decorate in the Gilman Room and we'll take care of transporting the pumpkins to the field.

Winners will be announced on stage mid-day.  You don't need to be present to win. 

Second, we have baking contests that are easy to enter (but not so easy to win).  Any baked good can be entered!  Bring a sample of your prized recipe to the field in the morning before noon.  Whether it is cookies or quick bread or brownies or anything else, you can enter it.  Judging will be done mid-day and announced on stage.  You don't need to be present to win.

If you have any questions, please email Mary Ann Scott at

See you and all your creations on the 19th!!