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Holliston Mill Studios Artist Janine Gerade

by Arlene Chaplin


Janine’s studio is filled with color and sparkles from the beads and semi-precious stones she uses in her jewelry. Paintings hang everywhere, decorating her walls. She is currently on a new path, beginning to paint in the abstract using acrylics and oils.

Overcoming creative blocks is a challenge for all artists. Janine formerly owned a florist shop in Needham and uses the colors and textures of flowers as a primary source of inspiration. She stays current in jewelry making artistry by attending bead shows where state-of-the-art tools inspire her to try new techniques.

Her jewelry pieces are truly unique. She uses handmade beads, metal fragments from around the world and vintage treasures she finds in antique shops. Each piece of jewelry tells a story. The chains she selects for necklaces and pendants are uniquely fitted to each piece and chosen to complement the pieces.


All her jewelry must be comfortable to wear, no heavy earrings or snagging chains. A unique re-work of an old watch made the biggest impression on me. Janine disassembled the watch and re-arranged the pieces to make a delicate, wearable assemblage.

Janine studied at the Art Institute of Boston and Mount Ida College.

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Thank you for this beautiful article about this amazing artist!

Maria Salomão-Schmidt | 2015-08-12 02:04:45