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Tank Taxes for Olympics

by Marty Lamb

Reaction to Boston 2024 Document Dump

Boston, MA...Today Marty Lamb and Rep. Shaunna O'Connell, Co-Chairmen of Tank Taxes for Olympics and Evan Falchuk, Chairman of Citizens for a Say, reacted to Boston 2024's document dump on the original bid document. One section talks about the unlikelihood of a ballot question to prohibit tax dollars for the Olympics.

"Today's revelation makes it clear that Boston 2024 is afraid of a taxpayer driven binding ballot question. They state it would cost $1 million which they know is not true. We repealed automatic gas taxes with less than $100,000 last year. Many of the people running Boston 2024 campaigned against us," said Lamb.

Section 2.7 on page 9 states: "The costs to get an initiative petition on the ballot are substantial, usually well in excess of a million dollars."

The Yes on 1 ballot campaign that won with 53% of the vote only spent $97,000 for the entire campaign including getting signatures.

"Once again, we see that Boston 2024 says one thing to the public and tells a completely different story to the insiders," said Falchuk. "Boston 2024 has always believed they could steam roll their plan. Our initiative is the only binding way to stop them. Their misleading statements in the first bid document prove that they are afraid of us."

Section 2.7 on page 9 further states: "Utilization of such process by opponents to the bid is possible, but would require overcoming substantial obstacles including intense use of resources, significant financial expenditures, legal challenges and extensive lead time. Every cycle, many petitions may be filed, but very few end up on the ballot."

"I find their characterization of the likelihood of a ballot question insulting to the taxpayers. We are here and we are moving full steam ahead," said O'Connell.


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Time to look for another issue Marty, there will be no Boston bid for the 2024 Olympics...

Lee DeSorgher | 2015-07-27 11:58:47