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Privacy vs Security

by Matthew Payton

Privacy VS Security is one of the hottest and most controversial debates right now, and regardless of one’s opinion regarding the PRISM disclosures from Edward Snowden formerly of the Central Intelligence Agency, it has begun to affect how Americans perceive their right to privacy, and the precautions implemented in an effort to protect it. However, in what way has this really affected Holliston?

The Pew Research Center and the Washington post released findings on May 20th, 2015 regarding current views American citizens have towards government surveillance.  (

Americans Hold Strong Views About Privacy in Everyday Life

Despite the findings shown above, further research from the Pew Research Center demonstrates that Americans have very little confidence that their personal data will remain private and secure, Mary Madden and Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Center go on to state that “only 6% of American citizens are “very confident” that government agencies can keep their records private and secure, while another 25% say they are “somewhat confident,” with the same statistics applying towards landline telephone providers. While credit card companies continue to instill a slightly elevated level of confidence with 9% remain “very confident,” and 29% are simply “somewhat confident” that their data will stay private and secure,” despite the continually elevated level of risk associated with credit cards and identity theft.

The question remains however, how do these facts and the ever evolving environment in America affect a town like Holliston, which still retains the values, class, and community of yesteryears.  I’d like to think that remains in the hands of the people who come together to make this town such a brilliant place.

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Even commenting on this article puts personal information at risk. I'm required to give my name and email address. What about the recent Ashley Madison breach? Not only will the cheaters names be public but it could embarrass other family members. Can those people make a claim for breach of privacy?

Wilma Edwards | 2015-07-21 16:54:40