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My New Phone Service

by Otis Pierce

I have given up my “land line” phone number despite the fact I had it for over fifty years.  Several reasons helped me make the choice.  I can’t hear and make out what most people are saying on the phone.  That can be very frustrating.  I have hearing aids, and they just make the chaos louder --- no help at all.  Most of the calls I get are from robots, and that can be very irritating especially when I am writing or doing similar work because a one minute interruption has a much longer effect on getting back to work.  Significantly, Verizon, bless their mercenary little hearts (remember that the supreme court has decided that corporations are individuals with all the similarity to you and me except that they have a lot more money) changed my phone service without an aye, yes, or no from me, to a much more expensive service.  I was offered two options: sign on or sign off.  I took the latter.  Verizon is not on my preferred charity list.  

    The new phone number is BYE VER-IZON.  It is a cell phone.  At the present time I have a lot invested with AT&T in that phone, although it is an unworthy service too.  As soon as I have burned up enough of what I have donated to that venerable corporation I will change to a service where I don’t pay ten cents a minute to receive a call.  Being as long winded as I am, that can be important.  I believe that I can transfer the above number to the anticipated new service. 

    Regardless of what phone service I have, using the phone is difficult for me.  I have been trying to concentrate most of my communications to email.  What I can’t hear, or understand, I can still see.  For those receiving this impersonal message, I do use  “Skype” with a lot of people.  I talk to my kids and grandchildren several times a week that way. It is fun, and besides seeing whom I am talking with, I think the fact that I can look at you helps: perhaps a form of lip reading.  Unfortunately, you also have to look at me. 

    At my age I realize that I have to accept limitations I never anticipated.  I thought I was bullet proof.  Still I am happy to report that I still wake up each morning (an accomplishment in itself) looking forward to what the day has in store for me. 

I hope to “hear” from all of you one way or another. 


Disturbed in Holliston


Comments (4)

My kids have done it. I would like to do it BUT I have life line. I am very tired of robo calls myself. If I had more hair I would pull it out over this frustration. never mind the price. in order to get the service I have I need call waiting THE MOST RUDEST INVENTION EVER.

jean morrissey | 2015-06-30 11:57:23

Good to know there are options! Thanks!

Mary Greendale | 2015-06-28 11:51:58

I admire your intelligence, and your story. And, yes, we are being handled.

ALF | 2015-06-28 09:50:46

To Mr Pierce: in case you are interested: I purchased a box that plugs into the Internet and a phone wire that's goes "out" to the house. When you pick up any house phone there is a dial tone, no computer needed. When people call you, the phone rings. It costs around $100 through Amazon and there is a monthly fee of $3.50 for "taxes and fees." Phone service to the U.S. is free. Long distance is pennies/minute. It is not "technical" to set up. It is called ooma. There are additional features, but I don't really use them. It works just like a landline.

Matt Hodgdon | 2015-06-28 05:53:12