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by Richard Kattman

Earlier this spring Richard Kattmann told about his upcoming artist-in-residency in Tuscany: For the month of May, my wife Barbara, son Matt, daughter Miah, and I plan to reside in a farmer’s house on site. Our plans include traveling locally to vineyards, villages, villas, and gardens of note, with perhaps rail trips to more distant places of interest to us. Absorbing the entire Italian culture shall enhance our lives and provide “world view” perspectives! On his return he says:


                                            (mountain landscape abstract)

The Kattmans spent the month of May in lovely Tuscany, Italy.

The results of my artwork, 9 paintings, 6'x6', Acrylic on Canvas, painted plein air.

                                              (Mountain Abstruct Tuscany)

It is impossible to describe the beauty of Italy, the wonderful, generous people living there, and of course Chianti Classico, Mista Insulata, Short Pasta with Truffles and Sausage, and Panna Cotta with White Berries!

                                                          (Mountain Rainbow)


                                                             (Mountain Abstract)
Richard Kattman

Artist/ Landscape Architect/ Photographer

                                                          (Tuscany Abstract)

                                                             (Una Pagina)


                                                 (Santa Maria de Montefioralle)