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Miller's Marathon Fitness Challenge Springs into Action

by Pat Montain

Ready, set, go! Miller students and their families are out pounding the pavement and accumulating miles for the Marathon Fitness Challenge, a program where students run or walk an ultimate distance of a marathon (26.2 miles) or half marathon (13.1 miles) in 21 weeks.  The students’ journey began in December.  From December through March, students ran an equivalent of ½ mile each week in their physical education class, accumulating up to 8 miles. Now, it is up to the students to complete the rest of their mileage on their own, hopefully encouraging their family to join them running or walking.

The rules are fairly simple. The students are being challenged to complete the distance of a half or full marathon between now and May 29th. They are encouraged to log their daily mileage on the Miller School’s Marathon Fitness Challenge web site. The students can log up to 2 miles a day and up to 10 miles per week.

                                        (Third Grade mileage wall).

The students are not only trying to accumulate distances for themselves, but for their classroom. Each class in grades 3, 4, and 5 is competing against each other by tabulating how many miles they accumulate between now and May 29th. Each classroom’s miles are calculated into “miles/student” and displayed in the hallway outside of Miller’s cafeteria. Under each banner is a photo of their teacher’s head attached to a cartoon “running body”.  The more miles each classroom accumulates, the higher their teacher’s running body rises on the wall. The classrooms who have accumulated the most “miles/student” will earn the “golden sneaker” award for their grade. This trophy will proudly remain in that classroom until the following year. These students will also earn “golden shoelaces” for their effort.

(The Golden Sneaker award and golden shoe laces to be awarded to the classrooms that accumulate the most miles/student).

(Fourth grade student, Ava Jeye, updates the classroom mileage wall as classes being to accumulate distance).

A school assembly will take place after May 22nd. It will recognize the classes who accumulate the most miles/student in each grade as well as the students who complete an accumulated distance of a half or full marathon, 13.1 or 26.2 miles, respectively. Students who accumulate a marathon’s distance will receive a medal, tee shirt, and certificate. Students who accumulated a half marathon’s distance will receive a tee shirt and certificate.

The Marathon Fitness Challenge was adopted from the program Laura McKenzie created and has administered over the past seven years to the Hopkinton schools. Our program was made possible by HEPSTA for funding; art teacher Mrs. Baxter who created the teacher running figures, a former Miller student who designed, produced and donated the banners; the Miller’s technology integration specialist Mr. Steiner who designed the log sheets on the school’s web site, and, of course, the Miller School administration.

Mrs. Acker’s class is currently leading the pack in the third grade.  Her class is closely trailed by the classes of Ms. Phipps, Ms. McGee, Mrs. Scott, and Mme. Picard. Mrs. Spino’s class is leading the charge in the 4th grade. Her class is closely trailed by the classes of Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Shepard, and Mr. Jewett. Ms. Cushman’s class is in the lead of the 5th grade classes. Her class is being hotly pursued by the classes of Mrs. Roland, Ms. Ryan, and Mrs. Tonelli.  At this point in the competition, the outcome is wide open and it is still anyone’s game. There could easily be a dark horse in the midst of any of these grades.  Therefore, encourage your student to continue their walking and jogging!

(Fifth grade teachers, Mrs. Roland, Ms. Ryan, and Mrs. Tonelli, neck and neck regarding miles accumulated).

All Miller students and their families are encouraged to get out there and take advantage of this wonderful program. Enjoy some quality time with your student! Instill healthy lifestyle habits for your family! Take advantage of enjoying the outdoors now that spring has finally sprung! Medals and recognition are within your student’s reach! Ready, Set, Go!

Fourth grade student of Mr. Jewett's class, Ella Bosselman, is accumulating miles with her family.