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Miller School Students CHANGE-ing the World

by Brenda Mauro

Miller School Students Change-ing the World

One thing that makes this world interesting is that we each view it from our own perspectives. Those differing perspectives have given us electricity, the airplane, the iPhone.

Kathleen Russo presented a $3,372 check to the Holliston Pantry Shelf. Left Steve Bradford,Board Member, Assistant Principal Brenda Maura and Amy Porter, President of the Pantry Shelf.

When Miller School’s fourth grader Kathleen Russo entered the National PTSA Reflection’s contest in January, her perspective on the contest’s theme, “Changing the World,” made a difference for a lot of local families. “I thought it would make sense if it was ‘Change-ing the World’.”

Kathleen organized a school-wide change drive to benefit the Holliston Pantry Shelf. With the aid of her parents and school administration, she rallied her fellow students around the cause. Inspired by the posters and flyers Kathleen designed at home, the Miller school population scoured their piggy banks and their parents’ spare change and filled their collection envelopes. Kathleen had hoped to raise $650. When the drive came to a close, the students had collected $1124.

Impressed by the children’s compassion, Kathleen’s family’s insurance company, Russo Insurance Agency, decided to match the school’s total and Arbella Insurance gave $500, too.

Kathleen presented a very touched and thankful Amy Porter, President of the Holliston Pantry Shelf, with a check for $3372 in front of classmates on Friday, February 27, 2015, with her teacher Sue Volk, Steve Bradford and Brenda Maura.  Kathleen may not have revolutionized the travel industry or the way we communicate with each other and she may not have lit up our homes and powered our TVs, but she has lit up our hearts and has helped a lot of people get through a particularly rough winter.

Kathleen displays her  CHANGE-ing the World  poster to Assistant Principal Brenda Maura and Superintendent Brad Jackson.

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Many thanks to everyone involved in this lovely effort, especially Kathleen, whose good heart and smart idea made it all happen. This story is a perfect antidote to all the snow-miseries.

Peggy | 2015-03-06 07:43:38