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Lantern Walk a Hugh Success - Part 2

by Bill Tobin & Paul Saulnier

Listen to Bob and Sue by the fire side and the Mudville Madrigal singers in the tunnel in the video above.

The lantern walk had two starting points: Cross Street and Central Street, below.

Ed Loftus, above, made sure it was safe to cross Central Street, with or without light sabers, below.

The event was organized by co-chairs Gretchen Prieve and Erica Foster. Among the highlights of the walk were the many fire pits spread across the mile between Central Street and Phipps Hill. Ed Daniels, below, hosted the pit closest to Central Street.

Ed is one of the originators of the walk and hosted a fire pit last year.

Balloons supplied by Fiske's contained tiny lights that marked the way for walkers between the fire pits.

The second fire pit was hosted by Jeff and Sue Patch who hosted a pit last year as well.

Carol Kosicki said she walks and rides on the trail often and was happy to see the great turnout for the Lantern Walk.

The Goves offered toasted marshmallows cooked on their fire pit

HCAT's Steve and Lisa Hedrick enjoyed the event, especially not having to carry video and sound equipment around.

Above, walkers make their way to the next station, Below, the Ahronians and friends arrive at the Agricultural Commissions station.

Tony Lulek, above center, encouraged walkers to vote for him, (or others) in the Kiss the Pig Contest sponsored by the Agricultural Commission.

PJ Kilkelly, above, kept his headlight on so he could serve the eight gallons of cider the Commission was offering to walkers.

The Browns of Newfound Farm hosted this blazing fire pit next to the AgCom's display.

Please tell us (again) who you are.

The Haffords and friend had plenty of wood to keep their fire pit running all night.

Charley Roberts, above left, set up his fire pit close to home to make the move easier.

In addition to providing a place to warm up, Bob and Jen, below, entertained walkers with a song or two. See and hear them in the video above - and maybe someday at Jaspers Cafe.

David and Nancy Dubin set up their fire pit just outside the gate to their Lil Folks Farm.

Relative newbies to Holliston were these three who were on the loose without their keepers.

The tunnel at Phipps Hill was your reward for making the trek from Central Street through the fire pits, glowing balloons and several stretches of darkness.

Besides the great food served up by Scout Troop 73, entertainment was provided by the Mudville Madrigal Singers of Holliston. David Bastille provided the following:

"Eight current and former members of the group, all Holliston residents, got together this evening to sing John Renbourn's "Traveler's Prayer" at the Lantern Walk. Sopranos Leslie Randall Dooley and Kate Connell; altos Anne Priestley and Susan Langer; tenors John Howe and Steve Durning; basses Mark Dooley and Dave Bastille (Steve and Dave are the alumni, all the rest have been in the group for the 20 years of its existence)."

Renbourn's an interesting guy:

Members of Scout Troop 73 served hot cider.

Scout masters Brian Ogilvie, above, and Mike Tyman, below center, kept both fires burning through the night's festivities.

Enjoying the night and the cider were James Keast, son Sean and John Cronin.

Spotted in the crowd were these four walkers from Medway who brought a real lantern to light their way. Welcome.

Hungry walkers were served delicious hot dogs on rolls prepared by members of Scout Troop 73

Kids and parents too enjoyed the hot dogs on this cold New Years Eve  Lantern Walk. With an estimated 1,000 walkers, this event is developing into one of Holliston's finest events.

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I believe the names of 2 of the 3 ladies in question (not to be confused with questionable ladies) are Grace Kilkenny and her mom (forgive me, but my recollection of her name escapes me). I met them when they graciously opened their home and farm on farm day each year. Grace is well known for her affinity and care for all animals. Truly unforgettable folks from a fine family.

night walker | 2015-01-03 17:19:06

In addition to contributions made on the Friends site via pay/pal, donations can also be made by check to: "Friends of Holliston Trails Inc." % Marc Rosenfeld, 7 Springdale Cir., Holliston Ma. 01746

Bobby Blair | 2015-01-03 06:48:10

Sorry, apparently addresses are not allowed to be posted. Friends of Holliston Trails mailing address can be found on the website. Thanks.

Marc Rosenfeld | 2015-01-02 17:33:34

Erica et. al. (Second time I've used that in as many posts) - please visit to donate. Donations may be made via PayPal or check made out to Friends of Holliston Trails, Inc. Happy New Year - keep enjoying YOUR trail!

Marc Rosenfeld | 2015-01-02 15:52:11

We can't thank the many organizers, and volunteers enough for making our experience with our friends from Franklin a memorable one. Thank you all so very much !!

Mark Ahronian | 2015-01-02 08:43:49


DEX LAUMEISTER | 2015-01-02 07:16:21

I couldn't make it I want to congratulate everyone that participated. Little things like this is how great idea grow AND more importantly set the town apart from others. It is part of what makes Holliston a great place to live.

Mark Schultz | 2015-01-02 06:58:34

Thanks again for the second wonderful (hopefully, annual!) way to usher out the year and begin a new one. We missed the donation box; how can we contribute? Thanks to all, and Happy 2015!!!

Erica Plunkett | 2015-01-02 06:30:18