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Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence

by Nancy Farrell

On a beautiful, cold Saturday evening, a group of townspeople stood on the green with candles and slips of paper with the names and ages of some of the victims. Taking time once again to gather and remember the horror of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the group lit more than 800 candles to remember not only the victims of the Newtown shooting, but all victims of gun violence in the two years since .

The group created a brilliant star of light in the center  (Lighting candles in the wind can be challenging.)

One of the event organizers, Beth Greely and Rev. Mark Peterson of the Christ the King Lutheran Church shared some thoughts about gun violence.

People in the group talked about their compassion for the loss of life due to gun violence. They talked about the pressing need to find a solution. A thought of forgiveness and understanding for those responsible for these acts was offered, and a hope that we do not come to see these acts of violence as acceptable.

Photos courtesy of Bob Gagnon.